In-Scribe: A Guide to Copy-editing

Copy-editing is far more in-depth than a general edit, copy editors work to refine your writing to make it flow more easily and be read very well – whether in paperback or e-format.

For a light copy-edit or a very structured, in-depth copy-edit, we’ll base our fee on your word count and how much of a copy-edit your work will need.

We always keep our prices in budget and never quote one price and then bill another.

We want the best for the writers that we work with and if your word count is above 100,000 words you can pay in instalments.

Your quote will be dependent on how much of a copy-edit we think that you’ll need for maximum impact.

Copy-editing keeps to the style of the writer when making additions or corrections – or taking out sentences that do not add to the writing.

Copy-editors will adjust grammar, and also correct any mis-spelt words or acronyms.

Research is done by the copy-editor to make sure that any factual/historical dates you may give are correct and that the timeline of the piece flows in a readable and exact manner.

A copy-editor can re-arrange your entire manuscript (ms) so that you stand more chance of being taken on by a Literary Agent or Publisher.

A copy-editor can also format your work so that it is of submission or publishable standard.

*In-Scribe can copy-edit and polish your work to perfection, letting your style and tone stand out from the crowd. Your plot, dialogue, grammar, characterisation, strength of argument and clarity will also be highly honed.