Author Successes

All of our In-Scribe Writers/Authors have had successes – from the Author who was signed to a major Literary Agency within three weeks of submitting her work and is now a many published worldwide author, to the retired writer who had won awards for her short stories and is now published by an International Publisher.

One of our Authors is now a highly-acclaimed prolific horror writer who entered the Amazon Top Ten very quickly! Many of our other Authors have entered the Amazon Charts and some have achieved the Coveted Top Ten spot!

We are so very proud of all our Authors.

Here are just some of the many In-Scribe Authors:

Author Success – RR Haywood: RR Haywood is a best-selling horror writer

Author Marcia Lake featured in Your Cat magazine and has also been interviewed for BBC Radio & newspapers. Marcia’s Books include: Grace, Under The Ivy, Beauty and Truth.


Some of our other Author Successes:

Bareback – Tim Truelan

Horseback – Tim Truelan

Winding The Clock Back – Dave Kenneth

Circles In A Spiral – Becca Berg

David M. Wynn – A Small Betrayal

Vivien Jones – Buried Tears

Vivien Jones – Buried Worth

Vivien Jones – Buried Sins

Vivien Jones – Sunshine and Shadows

Vivien Jones – A Tale of Two Friends

Vivien Jones – No More Rainbows

Don’t Suffer In Silence – Carol Allgood

The Fact of Existence – Carol Allgood

Rohan Kar – The Chocolate Dip

The Shaded Truth – Daniel Ashley

A Word Divided – Ian T James

Stone For Life – Ian T James

All That Glitters – Ian T James

The Crimson Blade – Joseph Waters

Waves – Jose Ramon Torres

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Woman – Mary Mae Lewis