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"Copy editing adds a truly professional touch to your writing"

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In-Scribe Can Help With Your Copy Editing Needs

Copy editing is far more in-depth than a general edit. Copy editors work to refine your writing and make it flow more naturally, to enhance reading enjoyment. 

Whether your work requires a light copy edit or a very structured, in-depth copy edit, we'll base our fee on your word count. In-depth copy edits of a novel can take between 4-6 weeks to complete.

Copy editing keeps to the style of the writer when making additions or corrections – or taking out sentences that do not add to the writing.

Copy editors will adjust grammar too, and polish punctuation.

Research is done by the copy-editor to make sure that any factual/historical dates you may give are correct and that the time line of the piece flows in a readable manner. 


A copy editor may re-arrange your entire manuscript (ms) so that you stand more chance of being taken on by a Literary Agent or Publisher.

If you choose to self-publish using a portal such as Amazon (KDP), then we'll advise you on everything you need to know about that process.

The copy editor will always give you the very best advice: our wish is that your work shines.


In-Scribe can copy-edit and polish your work to perfection,

letting your style and tone stand out from the crowd.


Your plot, dialogue, grammar, characterisation, strength of

argument and clarity will also be highly honed.


Getting Started with In-Scribe's Copy Editing Service

 1. Please email us a short summary of your work ( a paragraph or two), the full word count, plus its intended age range and readership.

2. Also let us know whether your work is fiction or non-fiction.

3. Please tell us if you are looking to attract a publisher / literary agent or self-publish. (We'll advise you on all three above options.)

4. Next, we'll ask to read a longer summary of your work and the first three chapters, too (*All work is confidential and will never be shared or seen by people outside of In-Scribe.)

5. Once we have read through your work, we'll send you a quote - you can pay our fee in instalments if that's best for you, as long as the full sum reaches us before the due-back date.

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