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Paperback book & Kindle Publishing

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Amazon's KDP has revolutionized the way that books can be read and enjoyed.


Deciding to publish your manuscript as a Kindle e-book, means that your readers can have almost instant access to your words and creativity. (*Kindle books appear on sale from 12 hours - 72 hours after they have been uploaded).

Publishing your manuscript as a paperback book will take slightly longer, as it leaves you extra time to request an author 'preview' copy to read through.

For many people, having a Kindle e-book version of their manuscript will be a primary focus – but there are those authors who wish to have both an e-book and a more traditional paperback, too.


In-Scribe can not only format your book so that it is ready to be published, but we can also write your Book Blurb that will appear on Amazon sales channels - and on the back cover of your paperback book, too. 

You will also receive Kindle KDP help with:

  • uploading your eBook and paperback to the Amazon KDP portal

  • the design of an eye-catching book cover

  • filling in the US Tax forms for Amazon KDP 

  • Amazon Author Central Registration

Contact Us here with your enquiry.

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