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"Ghostwriters don't just work with celebrities..."

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How In-Scribe's Ghostwriting Service Can Help You

You'll need a Ghostwriter if you have very little time to craft and plan what you'd like to present to the world.


You may also need a Ghostwriter if you have lots of great ideas but are not confident in knowing how to shape them into a cohesive written format.


What you require to be written for you, might be anything from letters, social media posts, speeches and blogs - right up to a novel or factual book.


At In-Scribe, we take our clients' initial ideas and form them into written material. We take pride in always writing in the 'written voice' that our clients would use.

We have Ghostwritten for MPs and for businesspeople, for CEO's LinkedIn profiles and for  UHNW Magazines. We have Ghostwritten over 1000 social media profiles / personal statements, and many books for all age ranges, covering many topics. 

There is no project too big or too small for us to Ghostwrite.

We send our clients an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), so that they know we'll never divulge our part in the writing - we are always happy for our clients to take credit for the work.

One of the book clients we Ghostwrote for was introduced to an American President who congratulated him on his writing - that made us feel very proud.

Even though we cannot name the clients we have worked with - for Confidentiality reasons - here are some unnamed book projects that we have Ghostwritten:

15+ childrens' books for an Australian Publisher

Manga books (Text only) for USA Publisher

Spiritual / MBS books for UK Client

Children's book (Fantasy) for UK Client

YA Fantasy Series for UK Client

Factual Book for African Ministry

Travel Books for USA Agency

If you'd like us to give you a bespoke quote for the Ghostwriting that you need,

please Contact Us. 

There are a few projects that we would not help to Ghostwrite, and those include written material that condones violence or abuse of any kind.

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