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Sage Words: Finding Ingenious Answers

Many famous writers have used their writing as a form of therapy. As a therapist and a writer myself I can attest to the healing qualities that stem from creative writing.

However, if you feel that you have no one to ask about a particular writing or creative problem, then my advice to you is to write it down on a notepad or sheet of paper and analyse it.

Look at how you have written it (i.e. capitals, bold, italics etc.) and also how much you pressed the pen/pencil into the paper. The more you pressed, indicates how deeply you feel about the problem in question and how urgently you need an answer.

Next, look at each word that you have written. Ask yourself why you chose those particular words and no others.

Now - this is the really interesting part - imagine that you've just handed this problem to one of your favourite authors - it could be someone still alive or from the long past. And then say out loud or write down their answer - it will be the first thing that enters your subconscious mind.

This is an absolutely amazing tool to use, as you'll get incredible answers - some might lead to the solution you seek and others might be the actual solution.

Never worry about writing problems or dead ends - when you cannot think how best to write a tricky plot - help is always at hand from your superb imagination and a bit of lateral thinking.

In the words of one ingenious genius...


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