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Save Your Page In Style...

As well as loving to have books all around me, I also collect bookmarks - of all sizes and materials. I have been collecting them for years and keep them even if they start to look a bit worn out. Down at heel some may be, but they will have seen me through years of reading.

We all know that feeling when a good book has ended, and we sigh with maybe a little regret that it has not continued for longer. Then we habitually gaze at the forlorn bookmark and wonder where its next home will be.

As I started writing this blog piece, I had a look on Google to see how many types of bookmarks there are - and I was astounded. There is a bookmark to suit each mood, each book and each reader. There is actually an online shop selling unique, hand-crafted bookmarks, too.

This has to be my favourite by the wonderful artist who devotes herself to these joyous creations.

Looking at this image, reminded me in turn of one of my favourite childhood characters, Mrs. Pepperpot, who was forever shrinking down in size and yet managing to solve problems that occurred in the larger world.

If you are currently writing what I hope will be a future favourite book of children, I wish you so much success - for the books we read as children stay in our hearts and minds forever, keeping us young.


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