Kindle Formatting & Book Blurb



Kindle has revolutionized the way that books can be read and enjoyed. Deciding to publish your book as a Kindle e-book, means that your readers can have instant access to your words and creativity.

For many people, only having a Kindle e-book version of their book will be a primary focus – especially those writers who are aiming to have younger readers – but their are those authors who wish to have both an e-book version and a more traditional paperback version, too.

In-Scribe can guide you through both processes.

In-Scribe will format your book into an e-book (Amazon Kindle). We will hyperlink your chapters and insert breaks after each chapter, so your book will read very well. We’ll also write and insert Copyright details for you.

In-Scribe will write your eye-catching Book Blurb that can be used on the back of your paperback and to promote your book on e-shops, such as Amazon.

Your Blurb can also be used in all of your Publicity, PR and Promotions; on and off-line.