In-Scribe's FAQs

Checking Text on a Document

Q. I have not got a Degree in Creative Writing – does that matter?

A. No, it does not matter – what matters is your skill as a writer. Some famous writers do not have any paper qualifications at all.


Q. I have written over 180,000 words – it’s my first novel – how will I know if it is ready to be published?

A. All you need to do is send it in to us and we will assess it for you. After a full assessment you will know whether to keep it at that length or make it into two / three books. It will depend on the genre you are writing in and the age group you are aiming at, too.


Q. I would love to get my book published – do I need a literary agent first?

A. It all depends on your book. The nature of Literary Agents is rapidly changing with the advent of e-books and POD (Print On Demand).  Some Agents even use self-publishing to help boost their clients’ profile.


Q. I am not too sure which genre my book manuscript fits into – can you help me decide please?

A. We can certainly do that for you. It would be our great pleasure.

Q. I want to use a pen name for my writing – can you help me to choose one?

A. Yes – we will help you to choose a pen name (pseudonym) and also suggest titles for your book if you need help with that too.

Q. I was told that I am not a good writer and that I should not bother with the book I am currently writing.

A. We hear from so many people who have been told that – usually ten per cent of these people will need to reconsider their chosen writing career – but the majority of writers we hear from are just lacking confidence – we can help all writers blossom and bloom!


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